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Prepare for remodeling

Advance Planning
Before launching into a full-scale remodeling project, spend time figuring out what you need to do in advance of the first nail being pounded. You (and your contractor) will appreciate the effort once you start your project. Here's a list of issues to consider.

What to Consider

Stay Put or Relocate
This decision depends on the scope of the project, as well as your tolerance for dust, noise, and commotion. A small job will not likely disrupt the whole household, but a kitchen remodel will have a much larger impact. Even so, most families do not move out during a kitchen remodel, even if it lasts several months. It's even possible to live through a large addition project if the doorway or staircase that will connect it to the rest of the house is kept closed off until the work is finished. However, a whole-house remodel, where floors are redone, walls or ceilings are resurfaced, windows are replaced, and so on, typically will be more than the average family cares to live through. And if a house has only one bathroom that will be out of commission, it will be impossible to live in the house during that time. If your family does move out during the remodel, finding quarters nearby makes checking up on the job much easier.

The Big Picture

Move Your Belongings
If you're planning a kitchen remodel, everything in the cabinets, on the counters, and on the walls must be boxed up and stored elsewhere. The refrigerator can be moved to the site of the temporary kitchen (dining room, garage, or even basement). For remodels with a bigger scope, whole rooms of furniture may need to be moved or even stored off-site. If construction workers will be traveling through your house to get to the project, items in the path that are valuable, precious, or fragile should be put away. This includes antiques, heirlooms, fancy rugs, paintings, cameras, and jewelry. This does not imply that your workers will be dishonest, just that these items are not their concern and they might not be as careful around them as you'd wish. Pets should be kept out of the area at all times, as the commotion of a typical remodel will be stressful for them.

Storing Materials

Store Materials
Some companies bring all their materials to the site before the job begins, while others have things delivered within days of using them. In either case, it's important to allocate a place on the premises to store project materials until they're needed. The garage is usually ideal because materials stored inside are less likely to be stolen and will stay drier in case of inclement weather. Wet materials can slow down a project because they need to dry out before they're installed; if they don't dry, mold problems can develop in the future. If materials such as lumber or drywall are stored outside, they should be covered and elevated on blocks so they don't wick up moisture from the ground. You may have to forgo parking in the garage or even on the driveway for the duration of your project.

Dust Control

Control Dust
Dust is a major issue during a remodeling project. Some contractors ask homeowners if they've lived through a remodel before. If you answer yes, the contractor figures you understand that even with the best dust-control measures in place, dust will still seep into the rest of the house. If you haven't lived through a remodel, a wise contractor will take great pains to explain the inevitable dust-control issues to come. For homeowners with asthma or allergies, excess dust may not only be bothersome, but also health-threatening. By discussing with the contractor in advance the need for extra protection, sensitive homeowners can make sure more precautions—extra layers of sheeting over doorways, the use of vacuum bags on power tools such as saws, and extra vacuuming at the end of each day—are put in place.

(Article from RemodelingCenter.com)
HBA of Mobile, AL

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Home Builders Association of Metro Mobile, Inc. - Serving the housing and residential construction industry